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Brazilian outsourcing advantages

Paradigma Technologies is located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Brazil is one of the largest IT industries with $18 billion and has a large and experienced work force. Brazil offers competitive billing rates. The U.S. dollar is very strong versus the Brazilian Reals with a current Exchange Rate of approximately 1 U.S. dollar to 2.2 Reals.

Below we list some advantages over outsourcing companies from India, Eastern Europe or other countries in Asia:
Time zone: Our development center is located just one time zone east of New York. This geographical proximity translates into easier access, better communication and lower costs. Brazil is conveniently located in a time zone between North America and Europe. With minor shifts, we can maximize the number of hours in which both our teams and our clients' are at work.
Distance facilities: Unlike most outsourcing locations, Brazil is just one overnight flight from the U.S., usually with no need for connections. Airfare to and from Brazil is moderately priced. Direct flights connect us to the major foreign airports, making frequent meetings less costly and improving project flow.
Proven capacity: the Press, research institutes, and consulting firms have been publishing very positive reviews on Brazil and its outsourcing advantages.
Faster and more responsive: Working hours are quite similar, making contact between Paradigma’s staff and its clients much faster and more flexible.
Cultural similarities: Westernized Brazilian business culture and values are very similar to the American way of doing business, lowering the risk of cultural issues and improving team integration. Brazilian IT professionals are highly trained, speak fluent English, and are easy to work with on a personal level. Paradigma is thoroughly familiar with many American companies and their approach to IT project management.
Superior infrastructure: Brazil has an underlying infrastructure that is clearly superior to that of most developing countries. Energy stability, political and economic safety, and reliable network connections provide excelent conditions for a technology company.
Low risk: Brazil is a country that is historically untouched by natural disasters or terrorist attacks (read U.S. economy at risk). In addition, Paradigma offers best practices in terms of data security and compliance, infrastructure, people and processes.

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